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Do you want to support Friendica? We are currently in the late phase of the 2020.09 development cycle. With the release not too far in the future. One thing everybody can help are translations of the Friendica web interface.

So if you happen to speak English and another language and have some spare time. That could be something for you 😁

Translation is done using the Transifex service, which gives you a simple way to edit the translations in you web browser. You do not need to fiddle around with source code or git, we will update the sources of Friendica for you.

Thanks in advance 😀 ❤

!Friendica Support

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Thanks for the reminder, I try to help with Russian localization every now and then, it is high time to check for new strings 😀
@Tobias will try to help with italian if i have some spare time in the next days!
Just open the Transifex website in another tab, log to it and switch when you have time.

When I started it looked absolutely insurmountable but after I did a few strings every now and then for a couple weeks, sometimes spending just a few minutes per day I ended up fixing most of the main interface. What I love about crowdsourced translation - it doesn't require too much time all at once.
Oh man, I wish I were knowledgeable enough in another language to help with this.
Thank you @Sylke Vicious for getting the Italian translation completed for the 2020.09 release 😀

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